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Sensitive then explosive, Starry Skies captures an electrifying cocktail of chamber music and contemporary jazz.

At the intersection of chamber music and modern jazz, Starry Skies delineates an introspective narrative of existentialism. Through streamlined contours, this contemporary composition captures the interaction, sensitivity and reckless abandon of an emerging group fronted by Australian pianist and composer Jake Amy. Drawing inspiration from Kurt Rosenwinkel’s 'Spirit Kiss' and John Adams’s 'Eros Piano', Starry Skies propels itself from earnest contemplation towards an electrifying resolution.

This work has been supported by Regional Arts Victoria and Creative Victoria.

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Hot Chicken presents an entirely new and cutting-edge sub genre of jazz, fusing jazz-style melodies with noise rock textures and heavy metal energy. "Hot Chicken" showcases what is possible when analogue and digital technologies collide.

"Jake Amy has truly lost it with this one! Here's hoping some mock meat can curb those hot chicken cravings cos this is fairly deranged stuff! Exploratory and bombastic. Love it!"

- Angus Leslie (Sex On Toast)

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Reflections is a new contemporary Australian jazz EP written by pianist Jake Amy and vocalist Rose Bassett. The EP is a compilation of original tunes that reflect on saddening life events through colourful analogies about nature. 

"Honest, heartfelt, cinematic and cathartic; all thoughtfully arranged and beautifully executed."

- Matthew Sheens

"There is an authentic and genuine beauty in your music and your voice as a composer."

- Blake Hansen

"I mean seriously, you hear and see and experience the world in such a beautiful, aware, compassionate, detailed, emotive and vulnerable way and it truly resonates. The ability you have to translate those emotions and those experiences is incredibly profound." 

- Samantha Hafey

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Built from foundational Afro-Cuban rhythmic claves and African polyrhythmic language and inspired by Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, Mill Studio depicts a whirlwind of lucid chaos reminiscent of Steve Coleman's Black Science. 

"Intergalactic battle penguins surfing technicolor fire barrels. Afterhours gargling melancholic kelp jelly cocktails."

- Julien Wilson

"This is the hippest shit any one of my students has shown me in a long time."

- Barney McAll

"Can you give me lessons in composition?! ...Freaky talented."

- Angus Leslie

"This is really very, very cool!"

- Audrey Powne

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Selected Releases

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