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Support Your Local Jazzy House Producer LP, Horatio Luna

Produced by Horatio Luna Mastered by Satori Mastering A1. Jazz Cigarrette A2. Carpe Diem A3. Habibi A4. Lit Tonight A5. Sweet Paprika B1. The Healing Song B2. K Play B3. Support Your Local B4. What Is Jazz B5. Mmmm Horatio Luna - Bass/Guitar/Beats Nikodimos - Saxophone/FX/Hype (A1, B3) Odyssey Zelno - Drums (A1, B4) AMYRA - Vocals/Hype (A2) Adam Halliwell - Percussion (A1, Jake Amy - Keyboard/Synthesiser (A2, B4) DJ Paprika - Congas/Hand Percussion (A2, A4, A5, B2) Adam Rudegeair - Keyboard/Synthesiser (A5) Julien Dyne - Drums (B1) SAI - Percussion (B2) Clandestino - MPC (B3)

Released June 15, 2023


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