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Social Justice

Amidst 2020’s landscape of rapidly progressing social movements, Jake founded Attaboi to challenge unsustainable ideologies imposed upon Australia’s music sector.

In 2020, Jake founded Attaboi, a volunteer-led online magazine with a mission to promote inclusivity and diversity within the music scene of so-called Australia. Attaboi quickly became synonymous with social justice within the Australian music scene and aimed to question unjust ideologies imposed on minority groups. As part of this project, Jake interviewed musical artists such as Katie Noonan, Danielle Ponder, Greta Ray, Scott Tinkler and DRMNGNOW on topics such as systemic discrimination, social/political responsibilities of artists, Indigenous sovereignty, racial equality, gender equality, cancel culture, sexual assault allegations, the effect of colonialism on the Australian music scene, white beauty standards, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. 

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Latest Articles


Australian Arts Funding Perpetuates White European Ideologies

Australian singer-songwriter Katie Noonan talks about arts funding and why it should be spent supporting Australian artists and promoting music made especially by First Nations Australians...


Danielle Ponder:
A Call For Love

“It’s been one of the most painful years to be Black in America,” says Danielle Ponder, a New York vocalist, activist and public defender. At 16, her brother was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a robbery of $170...


DRMNGNOW on Music Revolution and Society

For Neil Morris, we are at a potentially transformative moment in history. Artists are engaging with social injustice in a manner that is reminiscent of the revolutionary 1960s artistic movements...


Elle Shimada on Identity and Sexual Liberation

In 2019, “Asian” was one of the highest ranking searches on PornHub. This suggests that women of Asian descent are exposed to a society that fetishises their bodies...


Gretta Ray:
@re._stacks and
Online Activism

In a time when the isolated nature of life has necessitated an increasing reliance on online activism, Gretta Ray has sought to use her platform to support sexual abuse victims.


Body Image and Representation

In this moment of increased online discourse surrounding the nuances of cultural and gender identities, music artists have been at the forefront of the conversation.

Other Featured Work

Jazz Journal

In 2021, Jake was commissioned by Dingo Australian Jazz Journal to write an article entitled "What Is Australian Jazz". The article featured interviews with Australian jazz musicians Deline Briscoe, Tony Gould and Daniel Wilfred and is available in news agencies across Australia.

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