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Kindred, Maddie Jackway

Much like her debut, Maddie Jackway's second EP Kindred showcases the marrying of the pop-folk-soul genres that is becoming synonymous with her artistry. Co-produced with keyboardist Jake Amy, topics of social anxiety, perspective and the concept of time narrate this open and honest body of work.

Released April 5, 2024

Tracks 2 - 5 written by Madelaine Jackway

Track 1 written by Madelaine Jackway and Meredith Louise Hartley

All tracks produced and engineered by Maddie Jackway and Jake Amy

Vocals engineered and arranged by Maddie Jackway

Mixing by Bailey Judd

Mastering by Nicholas Di Lorenzo (Panorama Mastering)

Maddie Jackway - vocals, piano (Track 4)

Jake Amy - piano, keys & synth

Stephen Lane - Bass (Track 1, 3 & 5)

Conor Anderson-Vague - Drums (track 3)

Patrick Danao - Drums (Track 1 & 2)

Alexander Flood - Drums (Track 5)

Pia Nesvara - Viola (Track 2)

Juliet Steel - Violin (Track 2)

Robyn Cummins - (Track 2)

Matt Dixon - Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Track 3)

Cover photography by Lucinda Goodwin

This project was created as part of the 2023 Victoria University Artist in Residence program on the unceded lands of the Wurundjuri people of the Kulin nations.


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