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Overdrawn, Bumpy

From Bumpy: 'Overdrawn' draws parallels between self-indulgence, overexertion and projected expectations. Too many times (especially as blak women) we are told how to present and provide, often pushing our boundaries to accommodate others. I wanted to create a playful world for me to take back ownership and reflect on my capacity and where it should be directed. Allowing myself to indulge a little, knowing that we are worthy of taking up space and learning how to juggle expectations vs. capacity.

Released December 4, 2023


Vocals - Bumpy

Drums - Ben Yarram

Bass - Noah Hutchinson

Guitar - Mick Power

Keys - Jake Amy

BVs - Emma Volard, Isadora Lauritz

Horn section - Will Larsen, Cheryl Durongpisitkul, Charlie Woods

Recorded by Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary Recording Studio

Mixed and mastered by Nick Herrera

Image by James Morris

Released via Astral People Recordings / PIAS Australia / WAT Artists


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