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Cycles LP, Malla

Written during a period of love and loss, the album follows elements of heartache, loneliness and self-worth, forming a therapeutic collage of the act of moving on and upward.

A supergroup of the city’s up and coming talents featuring Emma Volard (Bumpy), Jake Amy (Kaiit), Uno Lizard (Proto Moro), Moses Carr (Plastiq), Patty Danao (Billy Davis) + T-EDD (Ebiphe). ‘CYCLES’ is an exploration of a musical friendship that delves into longform jams, house inspired grooves, folk fragility, shoegaze ambience and post-punk grit.

Featuring the singles ‘DEKTORA’, a 7 minute dark electronic neo soul epic, and ‘OHW’, a letter of advice for a friend told through a lush classic Naarm Soul sound.

Released October 13, 2023

Vox: Emma Volard

Guitar: Uno Lizard (Harrison Leggatt)

Sax: T-EDD (Tom Edwards)

Keyboards: Jake Amy

Synth Bass, Additional Keys: Moses Carr

Drums: Patrick Danao

Additional Percussion (6): Bryce Zelno

Recording Engineer, Pre Production: Jake Amy

Vocal Recording/Vocal Production: Bailey Judd

Executive Producer, Mixing: Moses Carr

Production: Emma Volard, Uno Lizard, T-EDD, Jake Amy

Mastering: Bailey Judd

Artwork/Design: Uno Lizard

Tracks 1-3,7 Written by Emma Volard/Uno Lizard

Track 4, Written by Emma Volard/T-EDD

Tracks 5-6, 8 Written by Uno Lizard


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