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Greetings From Sunny Coburg, Bailey Judd


last night, i celebrated at midnight with @jakeamymusic that our mission in 2019 to record an ‘album’ together had finally been completed

through trials of no-money, self doubt, countless mix revisions, we’ve emerged out the other side

this EP is representation of the long standing relationship with my collaborators and best friends who i love dearly

it’s a collection of my best work - writing, production, mixing and some mastering work too

@jakeamymusic - co-production, keys, best friend

@dover_c - bass

@emmavolardmusic - constant creative sounding board

@bucket.hansen @dom_stix & @bingsbeats laying down drum grooves through out the EP

Big shout out to:

@elfwaite for the amazing design on the singles artwork

@j.pho_ for capturing photos and videos for single covers, promo, our best shows and many unmade MV treatments

@parenthesy for making me look sexy in front of the lens at shows and in his studio

@adamdempseymastering for mastering the singles and being generous with this time giving me mixing and industry advice

thank you to my friends @thorne_music @georgiabancroft @the_catspyjamas and my boo @_dansy___ for being such rocks to me during the process of putting this out ❤️❤️

finally, i’m grateful to myself for not giving up after many spirals and constant self doubt.

vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, programming, production, mixing, mastering, album art by BJ

Please enjoy this EP, listen from top to bottom (the tracks are mastered to sound huge together) and thank you so much for being here with me on this journey and caring about my music ❤️❤️❤️

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