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Heavy Heaven, Pia Nesvara

From Pia's years in the live music scene to now launching her debut release, we can clearly see - she has no doubt arrived & not only demanded her rightful seat at the goddamn table, but has boldly yet gracefully already sat down, started eating, all the while winning the hearts of those around her - simultaneously making them laugh and cry. Pia’s debut releases ‘Heavy Heaven and ‘Not Today’, begin as an exploration of themes around; sense of self, mourning, longing and remembering ones innate childlike wonders & freedoms (Heavy Heaven) and then move into a call to action from realised pain and an urgency to no longer tolerate hesitations & indifference (Not Today). While the two songs mould into one another seamlessly, with a spacial interlude bridging the gap, the depth to this artistic exploration is found on closer inspection of each individual song. Heavy Heaven captures a heartbreaking combo of celebration and lamentation, a scream of yearning into the ether, reflecting on the forgotten and remembered parts of our characteristics, freedoms and feelings we once had full access to. Conceptually, the track explores the state of being stuck in a loop with a memory of a parallel life - a version of yourself that was brave enough to live the way you longed for. This speaks to the density of the piece, layered in a way so we can hear the innocence amongst the pain. Looking closer at the lyrics, we find Pia’s use of repetition to be all-powerful. ‘In a world’ - that no matter how hard you try to adapt, blend, assimilate, react - ‘you can’t match up’. This line touches on THE key vulnerability within personal growth; that feel we encounter when morphing into what/where we thought we should be, only to find there is no perfect fit. Pia reflects on her younger years, "I felt like I was living 'In a world' that no matter how hard I tried to adapt, blend in, assimilate, get approval in, I couldn't 'match up' and certainly I couldn’t do both; feel my full self all the time and also be the girl who got real good at morphing into who I thought I should be" Nesvara finishes the song pleading ‘How was it?’ - How was it when I felt free, how was I before I learnt to hide myself? How did I be when I was unafraid to be? If you haven’t been met by her presence yet, you’re about to know - Pia’s kind of determination, thrive for life and vision is hard to forget.

Released October 14, 2022 Written and Performed by Pia Nesvara Produced by Jake Amy

Recorded by Jake Amy at Loose Llama Studios Mixed by Deepank Sheth Mastered by Kathy Naunton at db Mastering Vocals, Violins & Violas, Nylon Guitar: Pia Nesvara Electric Guitar: Nick Vargas Bass Guitar: Noah Hutchinson


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