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I HEAR MUSIC - Tahnee Ollerton

From Tahnee:

The making of this album began in 2018, after hearing a recording of my dad speaking about his relationship with his impending death. Since he passed, I have had a lot of time to think about death, and what is left after death. The thousand million things that make up a life and being human, fascinates me so much. Music is how I interact with love, pain, and learning. How I talk to the parts of myself which don’t speak the English language. I hear music when I ache for yesterday, when I am curious for tomorrow. It’s in melodies and rhythm, but also in the saliva on my tongue when I taste something colourful. It’s in my fingertips when I pluck the steel strings on my guitar and in the crickets, at the end of a 42 degree day. In the smell of burnt, buttery toast... in the turning of the first page of a new book.

Music helps me be friends with my anxiety and keeps me company when I feel alone. It forgives me for the people I used to be, whom I no longer like nor identify with ~ it peels away dead skin after dead skin and teaches me to hold less resentment for who I was, with more excitement for who I might be.

I feel forever grateful - like I’ve found a little boat with stronger oars that helps me better navigate this strange existence. To the people who helped make this tangible, thank you from the deepest parts of myself

released May 11, 2021 Drums/percussion: Ollie Cox Backing vocals: Isadora Lauritz, Jess Tyler Electric guitar: Harry Leggatt Acoustic guitar: Bailey Judd Keys: Jake Amy Horns: Tom Edwards, Ashley Ballat Bass: Alex Beautyman Piano and composition: Josh Kelly Backing vocals, FX, vibes: Miro Lauritz Album art - Sascha Müller Engineering, mixing and mastering - Nick Candy With help from Itamar Livne, James Taplin, Will Klep, William Palazzo and Henrik Linder


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