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DEITY - Emma Volard

Deity, the debut album by Melbourne-based vocalist and songwriter Emma Volard, is a record of tensions: caught in the push-pull between light and shade, joy and sorrow, chaos and order, it’s an album that draws power from the divine messiness of the human experience. Synthesising acid jazz with modern R&B, dub with pop, and future soul with old-fashioned grooves, it’s a statement of profound artistic intent for Emma: a 12-part journey of self-expression and hard-won self-determination that combines the classic and the cutting edge to build something sleek and scintillatingly new. “This album is a revolt against oppressors, particularly those in the music industry — an f-you to anyone who tries to tear us down,” she says. Cathartic, vulnerable, and deeply, defiantly empowered, it’s a definitive document of feminist soul: a call for listeners to “discard the judgement of others, and embrace their bodies, their minds, and their souls.”

Today Emma Volard’s album is released into the world. I am so incredibly excited for you to listen! Anyone close to us knows how unbelievably hard Emma has worked on this project and her diligence has been inspiring. And I’m super proud of every single person’s artistic contributions. WE KILLED IT!!!

This release also signifies something really important to me. It has so solidified close relationships with some of the most talented musicians I know, and I am so grateful to be able to call these people my friends. Working with close friends on a release is truly special.

So many people have contributed to this recording. Here’s a (hopefully) comprehensive list:

Production: Mose Escar, Emma Volard, Jake Amy, Harry Leggatt Mix: Nick Herrera and Becki Whitton Master: Becki Whitton Engineered and recorded by Jake Amy at Sunderland Studios & Loose Llama Studios Additional recording by Matthew Stott

Cover photo by Aneta Urbonaite Album artwork by Harry Leggatt

Personnel: Emma Volard - vocals Harry Leggatt - guitar Jake Amy - keys Jordan Pereira - drums Hugh Heller - bass Noah Hutchinson - bass Lucky Pereira - percussion Tom Edwards - tenor sax Moses Carr - additional keys


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