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"Intergalactic battle penguins surfing technicolor fire barrels. Afterhours gargling melancholic kelp jelly cocktails" - Julien Wilson

Released March 5, 2021

Double Bass - Angus Radley Drums - Patrick Danao Electric Guitar - Bailey Judd (solo), Daniel Waddingham, Harry Leggatt Keyboards - Jake Amy Sax - Andre Lew Trombone - Josh Bennier Vocals - Isadora Lauritz Composed by Jake Amy Mixed by Becki Whitton Mastered by Kathy Naunton Produced by Jake Amy Additional Engineering by Matthew Stott Recorded at Echidna Studios by Greg Macmillan, June 2019 Additional Recording by Jake Amy Cover Artwork by Hannah Simpkin (@comb_alone) Thanks to all the crowd funders who made this possible: Aidan Roberts, Alex Beautyman, Ash Ballat, Ben Ingvarson, Britt Hay, Bronte de Lacy-Vawdon, Caleb Wilson, Carmel Slater, Carol Blair, Cassie Raschle, Claire Hennekam, Claudia Turner, Dan Bailey, Dan Fenby, Danni Hradsky, Emma Volard, Fiona McKellar, Flora Carbo, Georgia Taylor, Greg Price, Hagrid Wearne, Harry Leggatt, Hugh Heller, Isadora Lauritz, Jaaz Tobias, Jared Baum, Jeff Watsford, Jen Oldfield, Jenny Quinn, Jess Tyler, John Budileanu, Josh Bennier, Kanen Dicker, Karen Milkens-Hendry, Kate Whittaker, Kirk Skinner, Leanne Papas, Leigh Owens, Lindy Waldron, Luke Dema, Lynn Poletti, Mark McSherry, Mark Volard, Martin Keogh, Michaeleah Stephens, Mitch Hand, Nina Barry-Macaulay, Nina Debono, Oliver Downes, Ollie Cox, Rachael Amy, Robert Hayward, Roma Munro, Ruth Bruten, Sabrina Sutton, Scothern Family, Sylvie Evans, Tania Huigsloot, Theo Carbo, Tom Edwards, Tonya Hackett, Tristan Hanks, Trudie Potter, Virginia Hayward, Will Hanley Special thanks to Barney McAll and Javier Fredes for the inspiration and thought


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