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EXQUISITE CORPSE - Little Songs of the Mutilated

"A possessive mountain eludicates slowly to the..." is the forty-fourth volume of Exquisite Corpse music from the sound art collective Little Songs Of The Mutilated. Created between June 7th - 12th 2021, the process adapts the old Surrealist parlour game for an online sound and music collaboration. The 6 pieces were worked on concurrently, one round per day, each with an unique permutation to the order of players to maximize both the variety in results and challenge in the process. The only parameter predetermined was the duration of each contribution, in an effort to democratize the process and authorship.

For this collection, each player continued the piece from the final 10-13 seconds of the preceding player's work, with no rules for how the sounds were to be interpreted. The results align perfectly with the poetic and visual art examples of the game; a montage of ruptured forms, idiosyncratic sound objects, and illogical transformations of sonic language, all poignantly and absurdly dreamlike.

Little Songs Of The Mutilated is an ongoing project by an ever growing community of talented and rigorous sound artists and musicians - mostly based in Melbourne, Australia - coming together to experiment and play with their medium. The project focuses on cultivating and nurturing the potential for collective creativity, reveling in surprise, and investigating new possibilities for musical form and content in a fun and exciting way.

Created/composed by: Adam Rudegeair, Emily Bennett, Kristina Behrsin, Ashley Ballat, Jake Amy, Craig Strain

Curated by Adam Rudegeair

Assembled/mastered by Justin Ashworth

Collage art by Alice Palermo


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