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Live Shows

  • Malla at Sunday Smallgoods
    Bodriggy Brewing Company
  • Bailey Judd on Tour in Melbourne
    Colour Club
  • Emma and Jake's Afternoon Delights
    Dirty Three Wines
  • Ella Clair supporting Earnest Jackson
    The Workers Club
  • Muso Back At It Showcase
    The Night Cat
  • Malla
    Colour Club
  • Emma and Jake's Scenic Sunday
    Kilcunda Ocean View Hotel
  • Emma Volard February Residency
    Bodriggy Brewing Company
  • Nick Carver and the Mean Street Butchers
    Archies Creek Hotel
  • Emma Volard February Residency
    Bodriggy Brewing Company
  • Emma Volard February Residency
    Bodriggy Brewing Company
  • Audrey Powne
    The Night Cat
  • Nick Carver and the Mean Street Butchers
    The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar
  • Emma Volard February Residency
    Bodriggy Brewing Company
  • Summer Sounds with Bailey Judd
    Bunjil Place
  • Summer Sounds with Emma Volard
    Bunjil Place
  • Summer Sounds with The Mamas
    Bunjil Place
  • Soul, Sass and Girlpower Through The Ages
    Paris Cat Jazz Club

Latest blog articles

  • 000019240003_35.jpg

    29 Oct 2020

    Sammm: My Drug Addiction and the Worst Thing I Ever Did

    I’m currently 25, but I’ve been living with a bit of an “air” over my head for almost 10 years. I’m coming to terms with my drug addiction. It’s difficult to talk about sometimes, but the more I do it, the more clear it becomes.

  • 59d38a29-5553-47b0-a2ad-80121e2398ec (1)

    14 Oct 2020

    Danielle Ponder: A Call For Love

    “It’s been one of the most painful years to be Black in America,” says Danielle Ponder, a New York vocalist, activist and public defender. At 16, her brother was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a robbery of $170 where no one was hurt. Since, Danielle has helped thousands in the criminal justice system by connecting judges to the compassion in their hearts.

  • 4 Oct 2020

    ABC talks Gender (Dis)parity in Jazz 100

    “Diversity is central to ABC Jazz,” says content manager Toby Chadd, yet only 22.22% of audience favourites in this weekend’s Jazz 100 were female. Vocalists not included, that number dropped substantially to a dismal 7.25%.

  • 2 Aug 2020

    Gretta Ray: @re._stacks and Online Activism

    Halfway through a year that has seen eruptions of public outrage at systemic discrimination, victims of sexual misconduct at the hands of Melbourne photographer Jack Stafford rallied together to share their experiences and call for justice.

  • 26 Jul 2020

    Scott Tinkler: Cancel Culture and James Morrison

    In the last fortnight, it emerged that James Morrison, a titanic figure in the Australian jazz community, wrote a character reference for a male student, helping to strike a plea deal to 'downgrade his two rape charges to indecent assault'.

  • 19 Jul 2020

    Charlotte Abroms: Gender Inequality in so-called Australia

    Around March/April, Rose and I sat down to discuss an issue that had been getting on our nerves for some time. In late 2019, we both posted a Facebook status calling for specific experiences surrounding gendered discrimination. I couldn't believe how many comments and private messages I received...

  • 5 Jul 2020

    DRMNGNOW on Music Revolution and Society

    For Neil Morris, we are at a potentially transformative moment in history. Artists are engaging with social injustice in a manner that is reminiscent of the revolutionary 1960s artistic movements, and the recent events of horrific treatment towards BIPOC people have prompted widespread questioning of the ongoing injustices inflicted upon First Nations peoples in so-called Australia.

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