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Jake Amy is a Naarm/Melbourne based session pianist, producer, audio engineer and social justice journalist. Jake regularly performs with an exciting array of Australian and international artists. 


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Reflections is a new contemporary Australian jazz EP written by pianist Jake Amy and vocalist Rose Bassett. The EP is a compilation of original tunes that reflect on saddening life events through colourful analogies about nature. 

"Honest, heartfelt, cinematic and cathartic; all thoughtfully arranged and beautifully executed."

- Matthew Sheens

"There is an authentic and genuine beauty in your music and your voice as a composer."

- Blake Hansen

"I mean seriously, you hear and see and experience the world in such a beautiful, aware, compassionate, detailed, emotive and vulnerable way and it truly resonates. The ability you have to translate those emotions and those experiences is incredibly profound." 

- Samantha Hafey

Listen/purchase here

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