"Nostalgia" is Jake's debut solo album, and comprises of eight of his own compositions that channel some of the finest composers of the past few centuries. 

- Nostalgia (2015)

 Jake Amy

The Mamas - Juicy EP
The Mamas are here to serve you some healthy fruity goodness with a dash of sass, with their debut EP, 'Juicy'.

- Juicy (2019)

 The Mamas

"Don't You Think" is Clap For Alaska's debut EP, consisting of moody bangers about childhood experiences and semi-confused love ballads.

- Don't You Think (2019)

Clap For Alaska

angst single2.jpg
Released with Static Records, "Angst" illustrates the chaotic shift into the Digital Age and the irreversible damage we have inflicted upon our planet.

- Angst (2019)

Jake Amy

Inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu and FKA Twigs, 'Max' explores multi-dimensional sounds to create a sensual and luscious atmosphere.

- Max (2019)

 Emma Volard

Felix Meredith is a composer, producer and trumpet player from Melbourne. 'The Escapist' fuses an upbringing of jazz to modern world psychedelics.

- The Escapist (2018)

 Felix Meredith

"The River" captures the raw sound of the band playing live in the studio. The River is available on Vinyl, CD and all good streaming platforms.

- The River (2018)

Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers

"Self Love Club", explores the trials of love we endure and how the love we give ourselves can enhance our ability to persevere in hardship and celebrate in triumph.

- Self Love Club (2019)

 Jess Tyler